Which Races Are Superior? Tiger Mom Has The Answer

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  1. Ana,  who is an Armenian Genocide Denier says the Jewish Holocaust was horrible and should be taught in every school

  2. TYT you missed the point completely. She is not talking about race she is talking about culture and I agree with her.

  3. Hmm, I wonder why many individuals of those races need to come to America, in order to “prove” themselves? It’s almost as if they’re not afforded the ability to do so in their home countries. Now, why would that be? Obviously, it must be because their superior! The absolute dumbest thing I’ve ever heard. She’s just another opportunist with a half-baked idea. We all have those, and unfortunately she’s just not capable of filtering herself.

  4. i found you people reactions are cute. This what makes me want to be more competitive in getting to the top. so I can get rid of u or trigger you americans

  5. Only tyt would review a book based on amazon descriptions instead of actually reading the book lmao

  6. *Lets all have a moment of silence for the 5 year old little girl from Idaho who was gang raped by Muslims last year in the apartment complex where she lived*.

  7. didnt read thr book, then get angry something isnt addressed, but YOU dont know if it was addressed

  8. This book appears to be a farce, the authors obviously neglect factoring in any of a social, economic and cultural nuance!

  9. It seems there is a big gap on the TYT interpretation and Tigger lady’s information. The sad things is that without fact-checking the hypothesis both sides are just talking BS.

  10. It’s true. Other cultures were able to dominate other cultures due to the fact that they are more superior

  11. Isn’t this very racist to say who is superior and who is inferior? Of course is not, because there’s no white people mentioned on that list. If she would say irish, or germans, or french it would be of course racist. The only question is what all those very “gifted people” are doing in the inferior white countries?Why they cannot stay home and raise their countries? I wait the day when Nigeria or India will be a superpower, so the unsuccessful, untalented white man who does nothing for this world could emigrate too. :)))

  12. I like how Amy Wong has managed to turn the criticisms around of having unwarranted superiority complex, massive insecurity, and a need to prove oneself, and rationalize them as net benefits to success. Though it’s all about perceptions, since she arrived in America with millions from her Filipino-Chinese family, and could only secure a humble tenure in a university with all that financial muscle – not much real achievement to brag over. I don’t like how she’s clearly doubling down on her race-war-mentality, defending it as a horrid core value, and coming up with new and imaginative ways of establishing scientific racism. Chinese in general, care too much about their ‘ratings’ or looks/face gain, and not enough about ‘being presidential’, i.e. the substance of being talented. I wonder what her Jewish husband thinks of her, though: Hawkish Israelis have this mentality of ‘protect-ourselves-from-anti-semitism-by-advocating-for-other-discrimination-as-distraction’, which seems to be unified here with the hawkish ‘Chinese-people-must-establish-a-culture-or-racial-superiority-and-colonialist-arrogance-to-achieve-success’. I just wonder how much awareness there is of this in their marriage/alliance. Are they fully aware, or just using one another for their own egos? Or is the reality of it so vague, that it doesn’t even matter?

  13. Jews and Poles.Polish economy growing at 3% for 2 dacades now.They are also 7th hardest working people in the world.

  14. Title: Which Races Are Superior
    “She says certain *cultures* are superior”
    You guys are disgusting race baiters.

  15. I was going to say that I like your new look but then I noticed that this was published in/on January 2014! lol!

  16. They don’t represent her ideas very well. I heard her explain what she means by being confident with some insecurity , I get it, I agree

  17. Asian women are sociopaths who see even their children as tools to increase status. If u envy that I feel bad for u son.

  18. Obviously dumb wording from Tiger Lily or whoever. It’s more suitable to label 3 characteristics that when combined help immigrant cultures attain the dream.
    -superiority complex- An unshakeable sense of the values in their own culture that is not so present in American societies. That way they assimilate only as much as is beneficial but hold unto what they brought that is helpful. A simple example is unwavering respect for elders & superiors. Imagine if kids grew up with that
    -insecurity- An unbridled drive to better oneself. That sense of necessity that is the mother of invention. The eternal internal awareness of external stimuli that leads to adaptation.
    Impulse control. No need to crossthat out. He who tames himself has tamed the world.

  19. Dude im mexican ive been to china…trust me they are not superior..i think it depends on the person not the race. Hell my race has 20 kids by the time they are 25 😄

  20. Such generalization is just foolish, there’s a visible underground economy among Chinese who sell fakes, recyclables, stuck in minimum wage in this restaurants…how did she ignore those

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