What Your Parents Actually Mean: The Asian Parents Dictionary

39 thoughts on “What Your Parents Actually Mean: The Asian Parents Dictionary

  1. My mom always give me and my siblings the best part, the good things in life. So when she gives us the good parts and the good things in life. I usually give it back to her saying that I don’t like it or don’t want it.

  2. my dad said i love you but he never gave any indication that he was proud of me or thought highly of me until a little before he died

  3. 0:52 my dad all the time. “I walk looong distances just to go to school.” ” When I was your age I worked very hard for my family.”

  4. So true they always say I will buy it for you and I’m like but you always say no if I want to buy something

  5. The way my mom and dad said “i love you” to me was so emptily that i felt like i wasn’t even meant to be in the family……

  6. I’m so sad because I want a dog but I have chickens. Because my parents are won’t let me and my sister is to allergic

  7. I here I love you from my mom a lot. But almost never from my dad, at this point, I hope he never does because it will completely weird me out.

  8. Aw the ending few are so true, I’m getting emotional :’) Even if they seem harsh to others their harshness is just the way they know how to parent and show their love. Especially the “it’s alright” and the “giving us the best food while claiming it’s okay because they don’t like it”

  9. Lol so true you Asian mom told me that if we get a puppy she will cook it 😲😮😲😲😲😮😭 that ended my hope for a puppy

  10. The puppy I realate to so much so I asked everyone in the house for a puppy the respons were
    -im allergic
    -shed too much fur
    -to dirty
    -use your brother as a dog
    -too much money
    And yeah that was a life with no puppy:/

  11. My mum always says i love you to me…………. MWHAHAHAHAHHAHAHAHAHAHA IM ASIAN TOO MWHAHAHAHAHAHAHA

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