What makes Tiger Parenting so Successful


Tiger Mother the Real Story

A tiger mother is a term that is used to describe a parent who uses a strict and demanding style of parenting. Tiger parents push their children to be successful especially academically no matter what. This style of
parenting originates from Asia and it was brought into the public domain by Amy Chua who is a Yale Law Professor in her memoir titled Battle Hymn of the Tiger Mother. Amy has two daughters who achieved a lot academically and musically and as a result she based her argument from her personal experience of raising her daughters in a way that they became successful academically.

Tiger Dad

Basic Characteristics of Tiger Parent

Some of the primary characteristics of tiger parents include that the parents will prioritize schoolwork over everything else. Such a parent will only allow her children to participate in other activities if only they
can win rewards. When such a parent allows her children to participate in non academic activities she expects the children to be rewarded. This is because the parent believes that by winning the awards the children will be accepted into the best schools. Therefore, everything she does is meant to raise the academic status of her children so that they can become great scholars.

The Story Goes On

Another important characteristic of this style of parenting is that the parent is very demanding. She will not accept below par performance from her children especially academically. The mother would rather deny her children everything else to ensure they perform well academically. Sometimes this is seen as a desire for the mother to enable her children be able to have better lives once they are adults. This type of parent will also try to have psychological control over her children. She will rarely compliment them in public so that the children can know that they have to give their all so as to impress her. Such a mother will also deny the children freedom to make some of their decisions independently. The mother will make such decisions such as when to watch TV or the kind of friends her children should be associating with.

The Criticism of Tiger Parenting

There has been criticism against tiger dads and tiger moms style of parenting with some people claiming that the children are denied the opportunities to discover their talents. This is attributed to the fact that the parent is the one who decides the path that her children’s future follows. A child might be good in sports but will not have an opportunity to discover his or her talent because her parent will not allow her to spend a lot of time participating in sports. The people who have praised this style of parenting say that children might not have enough knowledge to make their own decisions. By compelling them to excel academically the parent will be giving them a platform to have better lives. This is especially true for the generation of parents who grew up believing that the only way to be successful in life is excelling academically.

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Success is relative

Tiger parents style of parenting can have different effects on the children. One of these effects is that the children will grow up being disciplined and therefore will be more responsible. When the children excel academically
they are also more likely to have good jobs and therefore lead better lives. But the lack of social interactions while growing up might make the children have a hard time when they grow up where they will not be able to interact effectively with other people. Therefore a tiger mother will be seen as harsh and strict but deep down she has the best interest of her children at heart.