‘Tiger Mom’: Some Groups Are Superior

34 thoughts on “‘Tiger Mom’: Some Groups Are Superior

  1. They have created or perhaps used all sorts of racist fake science to make an impact when what they seem to be saying is that the children of immigrants do better academically.  Why not start there?  

    The striving to be a part of the American story propels immigrants parents to use their children to achieve more, work harder and that’s immigrants from all over the world.

  2. I dont care if you have ten degrees from Harvard or Yale. It does not make you a better parent than someone who is uneducated smh That is what i call snobbery. Some of the best parents are those without a education. NEVER EVER LECTURE OTHER PEOPLE HOW TO PARENT. WHAT A DISGUSTING WOMEN THIS WOMEN IS.!!!!

  3. Kids are a lottery lady, get your head out of your ass. I have seen horrible parents have the best more disciplined kids and best parents raising drugaddicts and criminals. The best parenting is to give them love and hope for the best.

  4. These two nailed it with this book. The Truth hurts… modern pc parents who are afraid to crack the whip.

  5. Jewish Americans and Chinese immigrants are generally smarter and higher achieving than your average , reality TV watching, overweight , “entitled” American. That’s indisputable. Look at the numbers…

  6. Oh look, a Jew and a chink think they’re superior to everyone else

    I would love to see how superior they are if they lived in Germany in the 1940’s. They would be the first ones thrown into ovens and gas chambers! 

  7. Here’s a list of MEN who have positively contributed to humanity’s view of itself and understanding the world : 1. Aristotle 2. Euclid 3. Kant 4. Copernicus 5. Da Vinci 6. Mendel 7. Pavlov 8. Faraday 9. Newton 10. Einstein 11. Pasteur 12. Freud .
    Look at all those Asian Geniuses !

  8. She is a clueless moron. She spends most of her time going around telling people what a great parent she is instead of being home with her kids. She is a clueless racist who wants to speak for all ‘Chinese’. She doesn’t even know what ‘Chinese’ mean.

  9. “Success” as determined by grade point average, SAT scores: Asians win.
    “Success” as determined by total annual income: White people win.

  10. I think this is interesting because the term “Asian American” culture is non-existent because their is no “Asian- American” culture because the term encompasses dozens and dozens of different ethnic groups from different parts of the world, different languages, socioeconomic attainment, religion, traditions, etc. 

    I wonder how much these two have studied upon disaggregating the term “Asian American” because within that term, there are many new groups of that ethnicity that are lost in the success of many 3rd-5th generation Chinese, Korean, Japanese Americans who these two are directly referring to.  What about the newly refugee child from Burma?  What about the poor political asylums from Vietnam? Or Laos?   Look at the data and you’ll realize that your entire book is based on a false and poorly executed data. 

  11. This ‘method’ works great!…. for extremely brilliant children who also have personalities amendable to this sort of upbringing.  Try this with a 80 IQ kid, telling him/her it’s unacceptable to get less than an A, etc, and your behavior amounts to psychological child abuse.  You end up with a juvenile delinquent, angry, low self-esteem, resentful, lashing out with physical violence.
       Raise that same 80 IQ kid in a nurturing accepting environment, and he/she grows up not smart, but kind, gentle, feeling loved and loving in return, wanting to contribute as best he/she can to society.
       But it’s important also to bear in mind: there aren’t two categories of children, smart and not-smart.  Rather, intelligence as we understand it is a continuum, a sliding scale, a bell curve.  The 120 IQ kid will benefit more and suffer less from this method than a 115 IQ kid, and so on.  The higher then native potential, (and the amenability of the personality), the more benefit and less suffering results form this Tiger method.  The lower the native potential, the less benefit and the greater suffering.
      IMO, for the vast majority of children, probably 90% this method leads to more suffering than reward.
      If you think suffering is too strong a word, consider all the student suicides in… where was that, Japan?  It takes a LOT of suffering to make a person want to kill him or herself.  A lot of shame, and self-hatred and humiliation, and depression and hopelessness angst, agony, distress. 
       Is this method right for YOUR child?  Well, intelligence has a strong genetic component and therefor is largely heritable.  If YOU and your spouse (or whoever is the child’s other parent) are exceptionally academically gifted, then you might be a candidate.  Be honest, because you don’t want your kid to suffer and die.  If you’re smart, but not in the school, academic kind of way (there are different kinds of intelligence), then your child also is likely to have your kind of smarts, but not be academically inclined, and would likely suffer greatly under this Tiger method.
     If you try this method, honestly assess your child’s happiness as you go.  Is his/her resistance just the normal resistance of a child trying to push back a little, to feel out the extent of his/her power?  Or is your child becoming truly unhappy.  If so, STOP, or it’ll be your fault when your child kills himself or someone else or becomes a heroine/crack/meth addict.
      Finally, if you try this Tiger method, temper your high expectations with extra love and acceptance, because in my experience, intentionally inflicting suffering on other people, especially one’s children, is never the best solution to life’s problems and challenges, no matter how well intentioned and well rationalized.
       I hope this perspective helps a little in considering how best to rear your child.

  12. It’s funny how, for the past 50 years, people have used test data to “prove” that white are genetically more intelligent than blacks and everybody loved it. Fast forward to asians being the more educated, thus genetically more intelligent, and now there’s a problem. I’m black and i agree that some groups are “superior” than others, but it 100% comes from upbringing.

  13. guyyyys! civilisation doesnt belong to only whites and asians! there are other people who contributed to humanity s progress! each civilisation has its ups and dows, so stop this superiority complex!

  14. there is a group with a higher iq than asian, its a small group but we secretly control everything, were less than half percent of the worlds population, ASHKENAZI JEWS, highest iq group in the world

  15. people like her contribute to social prejudice in society-labeling people superior, inferior, mediocre, is not the solution to the problem

  16. Ironically in her own ethnicity there is discofrd. Jap vs Chiny Mongoloid vs who ever. These chinese never discuss that only cream of the crop immigrants come here.

  17. This woman is an extremist and her mindset is borderline fascist.

    Perfectionism of her brand does not lead to happiness – it leads to being a snob and a sociopath.

    Amy Chua is the sort of bitch that turns her nose up at homeless people.

  18. Why am I laughing so hard at these two? They belong in a Woody Allen movie. Talk about projecting your own psychosis onto your work. They both feel superior to others, both are insanely insecure, and both look repressed beyond belief. There it is.

  19. all I see is proof of how east Asians are extremely xenophobic and have a superiority complex over all except Caucasians, whom they worship.

  20. I am Asian and when I and my siblings kept bringing home straight-A report cards in small-town-USA many years ago, our mom would always say “In a mountain without tigers, even a monkey can be king” 沒有老虎的山上猴子也稱王 – so we don’t get overly swollen heads.

  21. When a white American writes this stuff they are ‘inspirational’, when others do, people say: “you know what, actually white people are the less racist, look at this book!”. By this I mean people say that stereotypes are complete bs. So stop, because Asian Americans do get better grades and people ARE jealous so call them show offs or racist.

  22. Notice what her husband is white. It’s not an accident. Many Asian women married white men. She probably believes white guys are more superior to reproduce with.

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