Tiger Cub Playing With His Mom

9 thoughts on “Tiger Cub Playing With His Mom

  1. 1:23 The tiger’s like “Oh, hell naw! I’m gonna clean you no matter what!” *holds cub down with paw*

  2. Uhm…okay? But seriously they’re just playing. I’m not gonna get into the whole zoo’s are evil because that’s not really what this video is about and the mama and cub look healthy. We can get all deep if you want buuuut…this is cute; they look happy in this moment. So yeah. Calm down.

  3. i’m surprised the mom doesn’t just eat the baby. she is a tiger after all.

    do you think tigers love their babies? i’m not sure.

  4. It’s sad and shameful to see the only survival way for animals is to be caged up and put on display, emptied of their dignity and privacy because of the wickedness and ignorance of the human beast

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