Tiger Cub And His Mother

22 thoughts on “Tiger Cub And His Mother

  1. thanks for sharing, its always incredible to see Siberian tiger,,
    they are so amazingly beautiful,,,,

  2. The mum would be like “no more show for today son or daughter”.(piks up and goes to hideout) other cub:Mum?WHAT ABOUT MEE??

  3. notice how careful the mom was to find just the right spot …[on the cub]..to carry him her without hurting her..they have a fairly good knowledge of nervous system and blood vessel anatomy…

  4. Oh my boy, cutest and most beautiful baby tigers. Tigers are the most beautiful and most majestic animals. Love them <3

  5. I really thought the mother was going to mistakenly bite on the back to carry, but she navigated until she got to the nape lol ♡

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  7. Tigres, lions, wolves, crocodiles etc…all animals whose powerful jaws can kill but, in other circunstances, carefully take an offspgring! Nature is incredible!

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