Things Your Asian Grandma Does

35 thoughts on “Things Your Asian Grandma Does

  1. Haha my grandma is very protective and loving with my brother and I. I think most Korean elderly is like this

  2. My Lola will storm into the kitchen of a restaurant if the order for any of her grandchildren is slightly off. Also, her English is really choppy, but whatever.

  3. That’s my grandma. I have to find creative ways of turning down gifts or I would have 13 hats, 15 pairs of mittens, 10 dresses, and I don’t even know what else. As it stands I have about 5 hats and 5 pairs of mittens plus one dress.

  4. Erm the grandma is speaking Korean so yah that is part of Asia but where is the rest of Asia. Asia is very big u know

  5. I love my grandma,she always give me money whenever I am leaving back home. She will stuff 20 dollars in my pocket and always say,”Buy all the things you want.” Oh I love her❤❤

  6. Look at Evan he looks like a baby. So young with that hair cut. That grandma is so cute. Just like my grandma and my mema.

  7. Sometimes my friends and I are afraid we will offend my grandma if we refuse the insanely big proportions of food she offers.

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