Things Our Asian Moms Would Say

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  1. My Bachan, (Asian grandma), I called her yesterday, she was on speaker phone and I told her that I started sports, she literally screamed into the phone. Now I’m going to be deaf for a couple days.

  2. “What did I do in a past life to deserve this?” 🤣🤣🤣
    Is it cultural appropriation if I borrow this lol

  3. Asian moms ONLY want their child to be either a doctor a nurse a lawyer or an engineer
    Asians am i right?
    I know i am cuz i’m asian

  4. My mom

    Mom: Oh! I got you a gift! It’s sooo lit! *tries finger gunning*

    Me: Thanks mom. Please stop trying to act cool. (Of course I whispered that part.)

  5. My Asian dad said that he would make me a robot boyfriend and he also said “you can only get a boyfriend at the age of 39”

    Asian parents are… the… worst but the best

  6. Part of me really hates these videos. I relate to them so much and I’m not the race that is portrayed and then I feel like maybe white moms just don’t discipline their kids which isn’t true. This is why I got told when I was little that I could “obviously have anything and everything I wanted because I have white parents”. Thanks buzzfeed. I mean also, I relate to this, but why couldent it just be “things your mom says” or something. Why did it have to be racially specific. It’s just promoting stereotypes.

  7. I’m not sure if others relate but when parents speak on the phone and it’s so loud your friends can hear it you just cover it up by speaking English does anyone do that?

  8. Well in the Philippines my parents use “tsinelas” or slippers for discipline.sometimes “latigo”.

  9. my mom taught me to only buy cheap stuff. tbh, am kind of glad. But then again it’s kinda useless since I spend it all but in small bits smh

  10. “Why you so lazy? Why you no score an A? Why can’t you be punctual? Why haven’t you learnt to cook yet? You’re not supposed to drink or party thats for bad kids! You shouldn’t have a boyfriend theres no need to talk to boys.” – Asian moms.

  11. When friends come over my mom gives so much food out but when we want dinner and all we have is stuff that needs to be cooked….”YA’LL GONNA GET YOURSELF A BOWL OF CEREAL”

  12. My mom says that “hey christian make it fast we’re in a hurry” But when she saw a dress she went there and check it so i was like “oh really mom you said that we’re in a hurry??”

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