20 thoughts on “THINGS ASIAN PARENTS DO #9

  1. Asian parents make you do your laundry and cooking and lots of other things by yourself at age nine.

  2. Contradiction in the video, you say in the video when introducing a girl to your mom, she expects that’s the one your trying to marry, as if not to support the American ideal of having several women before marriage, which is adultery, an American Tradition, however, …afterwards, the mom makes the statement as if to say, “You need to eat!Β  My son is big and strong and gets all the girls!”, which would seem contradictory; Doesn’t seem natural that Asian parents would want their son’s to mess around with women other than the one they intend to marry, for such is not honorable!

  3. most of these are what I’m doing, like saving receipts, deep house cleaning….but I’m a young Asian girl…

  4. My mom would just open the bathroom door while I’m taking a crap and start screaming at me hahah

  5. Whenever you go to a friends house they say not to eat anything cause it might be poisonπŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚

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