1. Yes!! My MIL!! You just have to cover the whole… the dishwasher is just a drying rack thing. Must wash by hand! Can’t trust machines… except the rice cooker.

  2. you must have korean parents bahahahhaha. I am korean I hear a lot of ” iguyah…”

  3. Ok. I’ll admit I’d totally cut the paper towels to keep my family from using a whole piece for a drop of water? A drop!
    It sounds like my Filipino & Polish friends parents!
    You got A, why not A+?
    The American was done with her math test before you in class?
    Why she beat you?
    It just so happens this American always loved math, a simple subject to me.
    My friend is in the Medical field.
    I got a skin numbing cream Rx for my daughters odd skin condition removal & testing.
    An ounce tube, to ml to put on cm vs inches.
    Calling my friend to see if I made the conversation right.
    She asked how I did it do quick.
    Minus looking up ml to ounces.
    Fairly simple? Right?

  4. Lmao you described my wife to a tee (she is Vietnamese ) she treated our children like that all the time especially the little grunts that’s when we all knew to clear the room.

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