38 thoughts on “THINGS ASIAN PARENTS DO #12

  1. Asian parents be doing everything even if you offered help they’ll refuse then they’ll get mad at you for being “lazy”

  2. When they’re in the car and talk to someone on their phone, they talk so loud people from the other side of the road can hear them

  3. When you think your homework is done “CHECK YOUR HOMEWORK” “done”” OK do anything “1 min later “yass I’m on the competer” “HEY GET OFF YOUR COMPETER DO HOMEWORK” but mom you said I could do anything “TO BAD DO YOUR HOMEWORK” “but I’m done” “THEN GET PAPER DO MORE HOMEWORK” “ugh fine”

  4. Damn this is sooooo true for me aswell hahaha my 2 OG PARENTS DID THE SAME WHEN MY OLDER BRO AND I HAD A PLACE TOGETHER LMAO

  5. When you move in a new place and they find out that you don’t have a rice cooker. So they bring an extra one from their house or go buy one. lol

  6. I’ve been watching these videos for so many years. The memories keep coming back. :^)

  7. Asian parents say you do nothin around the house but you cleaning the god damn whole flippin place Everyday!

  8. I don’t know if other parents do this. But my mom from the Philippines always took mangos cut off the sides to separate the seed and she would cut it into little squares and pop the back foward. It made it really easy to eat tbh.

  9. Asian parents let you sleep in the floor when there will be a guest instead of using a guest room

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