Talking To Asian Parents About Dating

18 thoughts on “Talking To Asian Parents About Dating

  1. I’m Chinese and this is so true that my parents have never told me ANYTHING about dating. So I’ve never been in a relationship until now (I’m 26) and I have to learn everything all at once or as I go. It’s tough.

  2. When I was little, I was not allowed to hang out with boys.
    My only friends at the time were boys.

    When my sister got a rose from her friend Rosa,
    My mom thought a boy gave it to her.

    My sister and I are both heartless creatures now.

  3. you know whats funny for like a letter you know how you put a red sticker in the middle and then the hole card is white it looks like the Japanese Flag lol

  4. I know this video was uploaded a while ago but I have a question are Asian parents against their kids dating foreigners???

  5. I’m going through that and I’m only 13. I don’t really talk about dating with my mom except in Asian movies. I had to learn about these things with my friends.

  6. I don’t know about you guys but man as a hmong dude it felt like it was an interview for top level military clearance
    It was like: ‘state yours, your father’s, your grandfather’s name with your designated clan, city, state, and village in the home country’

  7. My sister started dating this is what happened.
    Sister: Hey mom. I just wanna say that I found someone I want to spend my life with.
    Mom: What you mean. You too young.
    And she’s like fricking 20 years old

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