Dolphin Parenting for the New Millennium


Dolphin Parents and Why You Might want to Become One

Parenting Styles for the New Millenium

One of the most interesting things about being a parent is that there are great differences in how we raise our children. At the same time, there are some similarities in how children are raised. Because of these similarities, researchers have grouped parents into different types of parenting. One of these types is the Dolphin parent.

What is a Dolphin parent

As a parenting style that you may never have heard before, here are the basics of what a Dolphin parenting is.  Touted as the key to raising smarter and happier children, dolphin parents are some of the best parents. By trusting their own instincts, dolphin parents allow their children to develop a sense of community, become creative, critical thinkers, and adaptable. These are some of the most important traits that children need to live in this complex world. Just like dolphins live and play together in a community, so are ideally humans. By living as a family and promoting a sense of happiness humans are social in nature.

While dolphin parents have expectations and rules, they also encourage creativity and independence. Just like the dolphin, they are flexible and firm and, therefore, nurture their children in a very positive way. This, therefore, results in developing a sense of independence. According to studies, these children have an increased confidence, better academic performance, better social skills and an enhanced self-motivation.

When it comes to discipline, dolphin parents usually discipline their children through providing transparent rules and role modelling. In case the rules are broken these parents act as a guide while allowing their children to learn through making mistakes while making their own decisions. Adapting a flexible but a firm approach is one of the most important aspects of dolphin parenting.

Dolphins in real life are also playful and intelligent animals. They tend to exhibit playful habits. This is another major aspect of this type of parenting.  Being able to play with your child. As a parent, especially a father, there are several benefits that come with playing with your child. If you want your children to learn how to get along with their peers and how others are thinking, then fathers play a crucial role.

Overall, dolphin parents are:

· Balanced and collaborative– While these parents are firm they are also flexible hence they value individual passions, autonomy, and independent choices.
· Do not over-schedule– Since imposing schedules on children can stress them out, these parents do not over-schedule.
· They do not over-instruct– For the children to learn, the parent needs to combine the classroom and the real-life kinds of learning. This is what dolphin parents do.
· The do not overprotect– While dolphin parents protect their children from serious harm they do not overdo this. They allow them to make as many mistakes as possible and also to clean up the mess.
· They adapt– Instead of parenting their children the same way, they adapt to the changing environment and the changing kids.

Final thoughts

For you to be a dolphin parent you must be firm and flexible. You also need to allow your children to make their own mistakes and choices as long as they will clean up the mess. Most importantly, you need to play with your children as much as you can since this will help them to develop their thinking, social, and emotional skills.  Skills that will enable them to get through childhood and become successful in their futures.