Olivia Munn’s Tiger Mom Didn’t Spare The Rod

26 thoughts on “Olivia Munn’s Tiger Mom Didn’t Spare The Rod

  1. Racism. Not all Asian are like that, I guess she’s just unlucky to have one bad mom.

  2. It’s all about love. My siblings were hit. I was the youngest I wasn’t hit. We all turned out fantastic people.We all love our mum. Stop concentrating on the one thing.
    Hit or no hit, if you love your children things will take care of themselves just fine most of the time.
    Not just one way of life, people!…

  3. everyone think white people don’t hit there kids go to the south we have full on fights

  4. even the teachers hit us in school, with those long wooden rulers. though nothing harmful when I look back on it, but still would scare us little kids lol

  5. I’m Filipino. I got hit by all sorts growing up. One time, my dad came after me with a two-by-three plank of wood. Aside from the usual hands, belt, and slippers on our hands, butt cheeks, things, and head. I also got hit with a broomstick, hanger (both wire and plastic), remote, and what we call the “walis ting-ting”, which is a about three feet long of bundled sticks used to sweep the outside grounds). One time my mom threw a mug, a plate, the cover of a rice pot at me. Another time, we had a coffee table which had a glass base and a detachable plywood on top to serve as the table. He was so mad one time that when he hit the table with his hands, the plywood tilted and hit my eyebrows. Thats where I got my scar over my eyebrows. But it’s okay, never resented my parents for my childhood. It helped with the discipline, especially coming from a family with seven kids. We take that type of child-raising any day over the present “you can’t hit your kid, thats child abuse” crap they are feeding families these days.

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