NEED TO KNOW | ‘Tiger Mom’ Amy Chua Responds To Uproar | PBS

10 thoughts on “NEED TO KNOW | ‘Tiger Mom’ Amy Chua Responds To Uproar | PBS

  1. I wonder why she didn’t marry another Asian? She married a wealthy Jewish law professor who probably let her do whatever she wants.

  2. This is nothing new to the Chinese community. No big deal… maybe it is a big deal in the west.

  3. Sounds about right….Don’t make your children weak… By giving them everything,without strict rules and punishment..We have 7 sons 26,22,20,19,16,and twins 4 years old..

  4. I was told by an school psychologist that i had to high expectation for my son who had learning difficulty .Well guess what i did not listen .Made him understand that a high school diploma was not negotiable well you know what he did it it took 7 years but he did it . This young man who till this day i dont know if one day will be blind was told would and never finish high school is on a roll .

  5. what a typical red head potato couch. slit her throat? wow… acting tough on the internet erh? i bet you dont even have guts just to talk to a girl.

  6. She says in this interview, “high expectations coupled with love.” She is not depriving her children of love, she is believing in them when they don’t believe in themselves. Tough love. She invested so much time and energy to HELP her kids succeed and the only reason she expects an A of them is because she knows they can do it. She sat down with Lulu and made practice tests for her when she was struggling in math and worked with her until she got it, she wrote little notes all over her daughters’ sheet music to help them master their skills. This woman basically dedicates her life to her children because she wants them to succeed. When she felt as though her daughter was TRULY unhappy, she changed to avoid losing the relationship. If that’s not love I don’t know what is. This is a beautiful story about the universal struggle to understand parenting. If you haven’t read the entire book you are not entitled to an opinion about this woman. 

  7. We are Pakistani immigrants in the U.S. Our parents had the same high expectations for academic achievements. An “A” was the only acceptable grade. Yet, we were allowed videogames and movies, sleepovers and friends, afterschool activities at school were not encouraged, but playing outside after school was highly encouraged. And we still produced results. I don’t see the connection between high achievement, academically, and prohibiting fun activities for their children.

    All the over achievers I knew at school, many of my friends, watched movies and played videogames etc.

    The “Tiger Mom” method is far too restrictive. It’s unnecessarily restrictive. There are better ways to teach your children to work hard and give all to what they do than just restricting fun stuff.

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