1. The narration states that they didn’t know why the zoo took the piglets from their mother but if I am not mistaken this is the tiger mom whose babies died. She became so depressed that she was in danger of survival herself. This was someone’s fantastic idea to substitute the piglets for her own cubs. And it worked.

  2. Me gustaba el vídeo hasta que lo he relacionado con elrubius y yo, no sé por qué, y me he sentido triste… Soy un fracaso evolutivo.

  3. It’s cute now, but those piglets will soon be raised as TIGLETS, and when they grow up they will be full-sized PIGERS! And then the world will tremble upon the sight of these terrible bacon-carriers striking back with an unstoppable combination of the tiger’s ferocity and the fatness of a pig!

  4. What are you all so excited about? ?? She doesn’t treat the piglets nicely! Shes pushing them away from her! And I’m even more mad because I know that the zoo people did this on purpose to create atracion for tourists. Instead of thinking about what’s best for those piglets and leaving them with their real mother. Momma pig treas way better the baby tigers

  5. Her cubs died to premature labour so she became depressed, and that effected her health. Since tigers are endangered zoologists wrapped piglets with tiger print cloth. The tiger loved them and started taking care of them. if this helped anyone that asked why they put them together you are welcome

  6. Sorry to tell you all – this isnt’ what it seems.  It’s not cute.  It’s not done for the good of a depressed tiger who has lost her babies.

    This tigress’ cubs didn’t die.  They were deliberately taken away and given to a pig to raise.  This tigress’ herself was raised by a pig.

    Why?  As a is all a publicity stunt and for entertainment.

    This zoo has also been under investigation too for breeding endangered animals, including tigers, for the chinese traditional medicine market.

  7. Taking away a mother’s children to help another mother isn’t nice though, but of course people don’t care about the pig mother because the tiger is the endangered species…

  8. See comment by Debs Custom Engraving below. As with all things ‘too good to be true’…

  9. Soon the pigs will be ready. They grow fatter every day, how delicious they will taste! – Tiger thoughts.

  10. so basically the mother is held down ,so she can’t move , so tigers can nursing her. Shame Shame Shame

  11. ” ” ” I’m going to indirectly//directly insult people like beekeepers, plant-farmers, or other livestock farmers to push my _selfish_ rhetoric about how animals are somehow more heartful than humans because I’m some kind of self-category hater ” ” ” xD

  12. yo she ain’t eating them because she’s not from the wild
    she’s used to being fed
    why would she have to hunt or eat these pigs?

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