More Than Tiger Mom, I Had A Tiger Dad: Preet Bharara To NDTV

20 thoughts on “More Than Tiger Mom, I Had A Tiger Dad: Preet Bharara To NDTV

  1. Another black-sheep of Large-Indian-Family…..or just a Non-Reliable-Indian……… or just trying to be LOYAL to US……somebody needs to tell him about ”The Brainwashed Christian Youngsters And Their Ottoman Masters”

  2. people like preet are modern day slaves that will eat their own kind without a second thought. And there are millions more of indian origin exactly like him. Problem is 99% of Indians will never understand what I am saying.

  3. Now India is seeking to shield CRIMINAL Khobragade from criminal prosecution, arguing that she possessed full diplomatic immunity as an adviser to India’s permanent mission to the United Nations. Even if Khobragade had such immunity — and India’s recent effort to reassign Khobragade to its permanent U.N. mission underscores that she did not — its use under these circumstances would pervert the intention of the 1946 Convention on Privileges and Immunities of the United Nations. As a consular official, Khobragade had a limited form of immunity covering her official acts, not her private affairs.

    Instead of acquiescing to the Indian government’s efforts to thwart justice, the U.S. government should deny the request to reaccredit Khobragade to the United Nations. The State Department should refuse to accord her full diplomatic immunity, rather than the more limited consular immunity she possessed at the time of her arrest. The federal criminal prosecution must be allowed to continue without regard to political expediency; anything else would send precisely the wrong message about the rule of law in the United States.

    U.S. officials should also suspend India from the visa program that permits diplomats to bring domestic workers to the United States; suspension is required under the 2008 Trafficking Victims Protection Reauthorization Act if there is at least one credible case of exploitation or trafficking and a foreign government has tolerated the abuse.

    At its heart, this incident is about a domestic worker alleging fraud, underpayment of wages and other serious violations of U.S. law. Khobragade’s counsel insists that she is innocent. As in previous prosecutions of foreign officials, the evidence — not misappropriated diplomatic immunity — should decide the case.

  4. I support Preet and the entire Indian community in NYC. I don’t care if he has done wrong. Preet should use his authority to seize pensions of corrupt politicians in NYC. I am sorry for any wrong he has done to your community, but I think you should forgive him temporarily. He is in a position of power to take pensions away from NYC officials who threaten Indian- Americans in NYC. see my video archive. 

  5. what a sycophantic creature, He is making carrier by looking tough meanwhile faking  about fairness and justice which is more important to his political aspirations.

  6. This interview suggests that Preet Bharara has done a service to India by making a stand rather than roll over which India usually does

  7. I am sorry Preet Bharara has lost a big amount of his hair. Is this only from hard work or are there any medical reasons? He should get this investigated thoroughly.

  8. *I AM VERY HAPPY THIS GUY JUSTIFIED THE ARREST OF DEVYANI KHOBRAGADE* Reservation cat br0wn tra5h who are born to corrupt fathers, serves them right. Many brown people go abroad and think the rest of the world is also their dad’s playground just like their home counties. 

  9. Preet is a special man. Most Indians are very greed, selfish and thieving. Preet thinks of others and the betterment of society more than himself. Very rare and unique man. God bless him.

  10. Most Indians are money hungry whores who will lie, steal and bend over for a few dollars. Preet is very special for not being like most Indians.

  11. U r our justice idol.All Turkish peoples with u (without dark muslim goverment).Congralations Brave Man.Stay Justice Only;For Life,For Honnor…

  12. What an amazing person. Who is willing to say no to the greed and money. Is happily doing public services job fully committed. The ultra rich waisting their time at fancy universities and colleges and fancy houses in London can learn a lot from this man.

  13. He was fired because he is from India and drump and his people. are working to have only “white” person’s in government just like Hitler did

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