Lies Your Chinese Parents Tell You

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  1. Oh my gosh! Now I know there was once a universal parent manuel! My little Italian Mom always told me the watermelon seed story. Our food myths were slightly different, bread crust makes your hair curly, if you get the bay leaf in your spaghetti sauce you’ll have great luck, greens are good for your skin, carrots for your eyes, beans for your heart, fish makes you smart, etc. Hey how cone I didn’t get my book after I had my sons?

  2. Well they don’t lie to me they are just very funny and the greatest mom and dad 🙂 edit : they never tell me these in the videos and anything

  3. I can relate my mom told me before several times that if I don’t behave she will send me back to china to live on my on

  4. my chinese parents also told me that the reason that i am not tall is because i played too much soccer when i was a kid that i should have played basketball instead? wtf…

  5. i legit remember asking my mom if my mom shat me out and she said “yes you almost got flushed down the toilet”

  6. Ahhhhh hahahhaahahaha, my mom ACTUALLY told me she found me in a dumpster by the hospital. I believed her, and cried my eyes out. Lol

  7. my mom ALWAYS said 1:36, I knew they lied since I was little….little did I know……(DISCLAIMER: the story you are about to read is true and NOT FALSE! I’m Chinese BTW.One day, I was incredibly mad at my mom. She threatened to call the police. I obviously didn’t believe her since she had lied about that previously so many times. Turns out, she actually called the police. When I heard this, I said I needed to go to the bathroom(my excuse), locked the door, sat on the toilet seat, took off all my clothes, and cried. The police eventually came and I had to come out. Who knew that this “lie” would be true?

  8. My mom said she’s going to make me sleep outside and send me back to Cambodia, Vietnam, or china.

  9. I never ate watermelon after my parents told me that it’ll grow in inside me. I still hesitate on eating those melons today…

  10. There actually was a case of when there was a sunflower growing in a man’s lung just because of a stray sunflower seed.

  11. One lie is not to sit infront of the tv and another one is to eat carrots 🥕 so you can see better but it is bananas

  12. Me: Oh it’ll be fine, I’ll wash my clothes tomorrow.

  13. My grandmother told me that if I didn’t stay covered up at night that the sack man would reach through the window and grab my exposed limb and take me away to eat me. He like especially bad kids. She also said there was an octopus like monster under the bed and if I awoke it by getting up too many times, it would grab me with its tentacle, pull me under and eat me. My grandmother was half Cherokee—it was my grandfather (her husband) who was part Asian.

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