How To Impress Your Boyfriend/Girlfriend’s Asian Parents

13 thoughts on “How To Impress Your Boyfriend/Girlfriend’s Asian Parents

  1. So grabbing yer girl’s buttocks is not sending a strong message of virility?..Maaaannnn….I hate tryin’ to impress people

  2. Gosh, you guys make the “holding chopsticks” so easy… I always use chopsticks by having both sticks crossing together while grabbing foods

  3. Wait a minute, if one of the Asian people at the table has a disease (herpes or flu) and spreads it to you by chopsticks. You messed up

  4. I identify with alot, but i kiss on the cheek as Iraqie. I’m going to have arranged marrying, not forced. I think.

  5. My friend is Asian and her mum ALWAYS hugs me and everyone else. She’s like the opposite of every other Asian, it’s like she loves touching people.

  6. I’m going back in 3 weeks to meet my girlfriend’s parents. Today I was interrogated by her mom on WeChat.

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