Growing Up With An Asian Mom

15 thoughts on “Growing Up With An Asian Mom

  1. I just surprised my mum with flowers for mother’s day. Her response was “Thank you.” And then she continued “But why the flower bouquet so small? How much you buy? Aiyo next time don’t buy from online store. Too expensive for a small bouquet” Haha, Asian mom.

  2. You mom’s face are so flat 😀 Btw, that’s how a mom love her children. My mom did it to me & now I did it to my son.

  3. Omg, jajaja, I love you so much, I’m also an Asian child and I can relate A LOT with the one where your mom coated to other people. But yes, you’re right, our mom always loves us.

  4. The phone one at dinner………totally get it
    The boyfriend one too………yeah

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