Emily Luk: A Tiger Daughter Weighs In

7 thoughts on “Emily Luk: A Tiger Daughter Weighs In

  1. my Chinese parents wanted my siblings to put 10-12 hours a day in their Restaurant.  But we wanted to go to school instead.

  2. I don’t doubt a second that Emily will be successful in her life and her parents did wonderful job rasing her.

  3. If Asians are so smart, why arent Asian countries on top? Why do they all want to come to countries white people built from scratch?

  4. She’s very well spoken and the interviewer did a good job to find the differences between what he probably believed were the stereotypes.

    Thumbs up to a great future for this young lady.

  5. We are Asians and we push/help our daughter pursue her doctor of pharmacy degree and she is now suffering from her six figure salary. Did the same with our son for his mechanical engineering degree and he is now also suffering from his very high starting salary. Me and my wife now take it easy and let our kids “suffer” from their good fortune.

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