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  1. I love your Snoopy on the back of the Commode. I just love Snoopy. Came on this page to learn something. You are hilarious ! Thanks for the humour !

  2. hey Joe..上山容易下山难是形容当拥有一定社会地位和财富后突然失去二者而的窘状..和曾经沧海难为水意思大概差不多吧…

  3. Actually if the slope is too steep when you’re going down it hurts your knees. That’s why sometimes you may see those elder people walking backwards when they’re going down a steep slope cause their knees are not strong enough.

  4. this is not the true meanings of the phrases.They may be metaphors. btw i think 一心一意is correct coz when u focus on sth u can actually achieve the best result.u can brush ur teeth wash ur hair or whatever at the same time but can u watch ur tv do ur homework play ur handphone simultaneously?Maybe u can but ur result will be terrible.I actually quite agree wif ur others videos but this is misleading,man.

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