Child Of Tiger Mom Speaks Out

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  1. yes,her ‘looks’ really are what this subject is about. shes nervous and rambles to herself kinda hard to miss it in the whole since its REcorded for everyone to read into her body language which is a bowl of nervous twitch- opposite of natural and

  2. actually its just any unusual circumstance. Stephen Hawking doesnt have autism and said if he didnt have lou gehrigs disease he would have gone into the world’s cup or somethin athletic instead of physics. by chance he did love physics enough so that when his condition gave him no other choice. we know him as a physicist

  3. Discipline is one of the keys to success. Instilling discipline, learning the habit of doing what is necessary even when you don’t feel like doing it, should begin before a child steps into a classroom for the first time. Children should have a freedom to explore and discover their gifts and talents but intertwined with that freedom has to be the development of a work ethic that carries them through the times when life isn’t fun ane games.

  4. At least they were girls
    Girls are so lame anyway
    Boys are wild and need to be freed from the cage and explore

  5. Wait a minute, isn’t that bitch supposed to be half white? All I see in her is Asian. She has _NO_ Ashkenazi Jew features in her at all. She looks 100% Filipino to me.

  6. Well she would say that wouldn’t she. If she told the truth, her parents won’t feed her until she recants.

  7. ummm I wouldn’t exactly call the daughter a stereotypical Asian. She looks more white people than Asian.

  8. There is a difference between a strict approach and you can’t have a childhood approach.

  9. Well said! Congratulations Amy Chua! Your hard work as a mother paid off! Your daughter is beautiful, articulate and insightful. You gave your girls the discipline and the value of hard work and education at an early age; that will stay with them the rest of their lives. Cheers!

  10. Why does she keep looking to her mom, as if she’s seeking approval for the words coming out of her mouth? As a child of tiger parents, I would say exactly what Sophia said were I in her position– because I would want to have a roof over my head and food on my plate, two things that I wouldn’t get if I misspoke in any way. I understand that there’s no way to really get Sophia and Lulu’s honest opinions without wondering if they’re still influenced by their mom, and I’m definitely biased, but I call bs on all of this.

  11. The fact that she doesnt know where her daughter applied implies one of two things:
    She’s irresponisble
    She trusts her daughter

  12. Is this real? Chua’s book was published in 2011, as was this video, and her daughters were 7 and 12 (don’t quote, I know they’re younger than 12 tho). I wouldn’t believe if Sophia is 12 here.

  13. Sophia Chua-Rubenfeld. It seems Amy Chua wears the pants in the house by the fact the daughter has adopted their mothers last name as well. Seems the jewish guy is a possum husband.

  14. as a child of a tiger mom i grew up hating my parents up until my junior year in high school. Most kids at that age really start to understand the importance of a good college degree. By the time i was packing for college i had lost all hate towards my parents. They were paying for room and board as well as a bit of my tuition; they really just wanted the best for me. Their intentions are never bad.

  15. Dude, the reason your Mama mentioned Princeton was because SHE wanted you to go there. The daughter is trying to down play the MAJOR role her mother played, she will never understand until she herself becomes a mom.

  16. Next time you see a mixed race kid of white and Asian, the father is most of the time Caucasian, and the mother is Asian. This is not an accident because many Asian women are submissive to white guys.

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