Awkward Asian Parents Moments

28 thoughts on “Awkward Asian Parents Moments

  1. who else can relate to when you parents stop in the middle of the line in a store and they start taking pictures

  2. My parents require me to be a little bit more fat(I’m stout).
    I have favorite vegetables.And we Filipinos remove fishbones with hands,I got a fish thorn in my throat a few days ago.Some rice carried it further down and full relief came.My parents always advised banana bolus for washing thorns but there were none.
    I’m not humiliated when they talk about my childhood or my body.

  3. I still can’t over that spitting food out onto the plate or table thing, even after 37 years since first seeing it.

  4. why do people say yi that girl who was acting embarrassed is fat
    she aint even fat
    she is pretty and kind
    she is average

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