1. Bruh!!! The asian parents are a perfect description of african parents execpt for the food cuz african parents be like 《all you do is sit in my house and eat my food. Useless child, get out from my sight.》😂😂😂

  2. All of these asian parent examples is what my parents do to me all the time thank you for pointing all these out.

  3. Kind of off topic, but Jasmina, such a beautiful name. Also, this video, like all of the other ones are too funny and very true. Hahaha, I couldn’t stop laughing watching this.

  4. Pretty spot on though. Mom, can I get a part time job, mom can you buy me this. Mom: is it for study? then NO!!!!! That part had me cracking up. I love when you guys do videos with Yi, she’s awesome and so funny. I love the videos that you post like these cuz they are always extremely true and funny. Keep em coming.

  5. Those blond wigs have me rolling😂 I feel like a solid mix between the two parents would make a super kid. In all honesty, it depends, but I want more of this group right here!

  6. How come whenever i see types of videos like these they never mention people from latin america like come on do you not see the large chunk of land from mexico to argentina thats like 5 times biger than europe

  7. That my mom at 4:39 my mom when in my room when I was sleeping to clean my room and it in the middle of the night and I woke up .

  8. Thank you as an much older parent, you helped me have a good laugh at myself. What’s funny is as a westerner mama, I saw that I am a mix up. I did a little bit of each. Thank you again.

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