Asian Parents React To I Love You (ORIGINAL)

25 thoughts on “Asian Parents React To I Love You (ORIGINAL)

  1. It is like this ( I’m turkish) ….. (uhm but I don’t know if I should call myself an asian or a european๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚)

  2. I’m Chinese from mainland China. I think if I say “I love you “In English, that might be less awkward . if I speak Mandarin it might also be less awkward. But the thing is I speak dialect to my Parents since I was born. If I say that in my language, that would be very awkward for me. Lol I can’t imagine that

  3. My kids say “Ich liebe Dich, Mama!” to me like a hundred times a day.

    Whatยดs the problem about telling people that you love them? Every mother and maybe father wants to hear these words from their children. Itยดs the most beautiful compliment you can make.

  4. the more u say it, the cheaper it is.
    u say it everyday? u mean nothing when u say it, right? nothing special, as usual, just same as “hello”.

  5. In Brazil is common to say “I love you”, but in my family was not (I don’t know why). When I said it to my dad for the first time, he was shocked! But then, he started saying more often (and I also said it to him). He died some years ago and I am very happy that I could say how much I love him before he passed away.
    Tell your parent and your siblings how much you love them! No matter your culture!

  6. “Me too, did you eat dinner yet” was my favorite response lol. Such an Asian parent response. Thanks for doing this though, I’ve found that our inability to express love, especially to our parents, is a place where a lot of Asian folks have some real pain around. It can be hard to go to school and learn that this is the way love is expressed here (in the US), then go home and not experience that.

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