Are You A Tiger Mom? Lion Mom? Dolphin Mom? 1/26/2011

11 thoughts on “Are You A Tiger Mom? Lion Mom? Dolphin Mom? 1/26/2011

  1. No one talks about black parenting, but a dolphin mom? R u serious??…….Well if that’s the case, my black mom is a dinosaur, more specifically a T-rex mom. She just eats me alive for no reason and then spits me back out. That’s how I feel everyday when I’m around her.

  2. Everything she does, she does with love huh? Does that include calling her daughter garage and denying her bathroom breaks till she perfects a piece of music? Seriously? She’s just using the tiger mom label as a cover for cold-hearted bitch.

  3. The key to parenting is about moderation and knowing when to push and when to give. Extremes are typically not the method you should take. But methods can also differ in effectiveness from child to child. It depends on what the child thrives on.

  4. We pushed hard and traumatized our Asian kids into professional careers and now they are “suffering” from high pay and good future. lol. If given the second chance we will do exactly the same thing again.

  5. Tiger parenting is stupid and risky cause once the kid becomes an adult, the adult son or daughter will have no real sympathy for their parents. What goes around, comes around. If you are an Asian parent, you have to think twice about how you treat your kids cause they don’t forget.

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