AMY CHUA On Being A Tiger Mom: It’s Not For Everyone

17 thoughts on “AMY CHUA On Being A Tiger Mom: It’s Not For Everyone

  1. She’s just the extreme side of Asian parenting…I think most Asian parents would scold and yell at bad grades, but she literally starves her kids and forces them to take on a lot of stuff they absolutely do not want to do.

  2. @andrewfyip in the end even her rebellious second daughter said that she appreciated that she was ‘forced’ into violin! what she was wrong was being too authoritative, which she realized afterwards. btw, she’s not the extreme side…the extreme side wouldn’t even be talking with the press and being intimate with her children. in China, this book is how Western freedoms can help children!

  3. she isn’t your avg chinese parent, she is on the extreme side..
    saying this is how chinese raise their children is wrong. This is how SHE raise her children

  4. @UnschoolingEagle
    “Destroy” ? Be careful is not about destroying. Is about drawing pretty picture on ‘blank paper’.

  5. It’s not really the “Chinese” way, but was more of a marketing schtick to frame AMY CHUA’s way of raising kids as Chinese v. Western. If you read the book or find out more about the author, she was born and raised in the USA and her parents are actually from the Philippines. If you look at any well-educated, over-achieving, Ivy league-type families, you will probably see the same types of personalities.

  6. i am not confusing why she is exposed coz her husband is JEW!looool i am laughing!

  7. wtf I’m confused…shes got a white dude for a husband and apparently shes the bossy bitch in the family…I guess her husband is a sissy

  8. This bitch thinks brutalizing children will help them. Discipline is one thing but her approach goes far too far.

    typical inhumane Asian mentality

  9. It’s not for everyone. Truly wise words. Someone once said that there’s no such thing as fun for the entire family. Just because it worked for you, it doesn’t mean it will work for another person.

  10. what are good grades for, if you’re not happy?
    children should grow up without pressure, because intelligent children will find their own way of getting good grades and success

  11. Im not sure what you are talking about. Asians are more civilized people, look at the crime rates of East Asian countries.

  12. not all asians are civilized . im korean and i have seen so many crazy people here in korea. their are tons of kidnappings and etc everywhere that their is so much they cant even broadcast on tv because their are 40,000 or more kidnappings every year (based on actual korean newspapers written and bought in korea) not to mention the north korean dictator is a psychopath

  13. Despite all that crime stats are still the lowest in east asia. Overseas Asians also commit far less crimes than native populations (ie Asian Americans vs white/black/hispanic americans)

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