9 Things I Hate About Asian Parents | Beini Wu

6 thoughts on “9 Things I Hate About Asian Parents | Beini Wu

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  2. Hahah I LOVEEE THIS. GIRL, seriously. Also your accent is everything!
    Would love to be YT friends with you.
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  3. Asian parents want u to get a lot of A+ and if u get a A- then they will kill u 👨🏻👩🏻😡😲

  4. I can relate 
    -They hate when their kids play video games and literally dont want you to have fun
    -expect so much respect from you
    -Sometimes beat you when you do something wrong
    -Sometimes have anger issues
    -Wants you to Study nonstop
    -they think doctor and lawyer is the one job you need to get 
    -They want you to get A+ on everything!!!
    This why i hate to be Asian .-.

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