8 Things Traditional Asian Parents Don’t Understand About Their Kids.

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  1. I don’t really care about numbers 1-4 but 5-7 are like my life.

    5. I’ve seen many movies and ‘Never Have I Ever (Explicit Version)” on Youtube where children ask their parents dirty questions… cause it’s funny. I’ve seen movies where kids talk to their parents almost about everything, and I always wondered what it felt like to be able to talk to someone without being judged. Having feedback whether it’s positive or negative is one thing but to have constant negative feedbacks, that just makes everything worse. Like when will you say something positive of what happened or what I did? For example, I got suspended from school for 2 days in Junior High because of a misunderstanding and instead of choosing my side, they chose the “adults” side. Matthew, your wrong to do that… if it was my blah blah blah, I wouldn’t want you to touch or be in there. Like are you listening to what I have to say or are you going to listen to people I”m telling you are wrong. One thing about asian parents are that they don’t know that their judgement and constant negative feedback for no good reasons are hurting us. Caucasians think tough love is when you leave the child to fend for themselves when in reality tough love is when Asian Parents are constantly judging whatever their kids do without good reasons. I know many asian kids imagine what it would be like to be a “friend” with your parent. I’ve seen adult kids talk to their parents like they are best friends. I want to have a relationship like that with my parents because it allows me to be more open with them instead of shutting them out because I’m scared of them judging me. I’ve noticed that a lot of asian parents are strict on how their kids talk to them and how they speak to them. Imagine, being best friends with your child and being able to share stories and secrets with each other… wouldn’t that be nice, rather than them hating you in the future or them being “rude” to you in the future. Basically asian parents need to relax!

    6. I agree! Success could be in different forms. Asian Parents think being an accountant, engineer, or being a doctor are the only ways of being rich in this type of society. Our parents want us to be rich and have a “better” life than them, but in reality we already do. Being a child of first generation immigrants and Vietnamese refugees, I know I have a much better life than they had so for them to want me to do things that are against my dreams are wasteful. You did not leave your country for a better life for future generations, only to dictate everything and basically ruin everything you came here for. Because of these things, many asians kids are undecided with their majors. I’m currently undecided with my major because I don’t know what I want to do. I hear people tell me to major in computer science because I’m good at it. But do I have a strong interest in it? I don’t know… That! is why kids are undecided. Parents are always pressuring kids to do what they think are best when in reality, every major and everything we do are good. We might not be rich as you might want us to be but we graduated, have a good job, and are surviving. We are not living and going to school just to be rich, but to get an education that will help us in the future. The definition of success has changed over the years. I agree that money is not everything, but again… you need it to survive. I personally don’t want to be a millionaire or billionaire. I’m happy with having a little more than enough to survive. I like to travel, take pictures, and do other things, so having a little more than enough would be nice. The thing about asian parents is, they don’t trust these charities or community services so they don’t donate. I personally would donate money to the less fortunate and organizations like Key Club to help out the community and the world. If I have the money to. Saving money and hording money is not the key to success. The key to success an happiness is to be yourself and do what you want. Money is not going to make you happy. Having a career you didn’t want but you had to do because your parents told you to is also not the key to happiness.

    7. This couldn’t be more true! This basically summarizes both 5 and 6. Choosing a career to make your parents happy isn’t going to make you happy in the future.

  2. Is actually true because they don’t know how your feeling is and they just don’t get it

  3. It like my Family….they never understand me….they always blame me …everything is always my fault…maybe now I being thing that they said a “mistake ” I remember that what mom said to me “she said if I wasn’t had you I can go far than now”…..thank for reading😄😄😄

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