20 Favorite Chinese Proverbs

3 thoughts on “20 Favorite Chinese Proverbs

  1. Love the proverbs but the music is not peaceful to me… something more soothing would make this video great 🙂 just a suggestion

  2. Many have various views about China
    I want China to be friendly with India
    A great Nation with a huge population
    But, has performed perfect regulation

    Confucius once walked on her lands
    His mind, a truthful soul understands
    Chinese proverbs are so astute
    Turns wise even a Country brute

    Chinese pray to Lord Buddha also
    So many truths, so they must know
    India and China had once a war
    That gave to all of us severe scar

    Chinese were once by Japan dominated
    Problems were by the latter created
    Only to escape from those who attack
    China-wall was built with the best knack

    Yuan Swang once visited Indian Nation
    To bring in culture between us a relation
    Such a friendship existed to give all joy
    The same friendship, we can now employ

    Though Confucius lived like a vagabond
    He created among Chinese a fine bond
    A Temple is to remember Him erected
    By His wisdom, Universe is protected

    Chinese proverbs define the truth finely
    They superbly give us noble ideas mainly
    Due to their startling meaning, I am amazed
    As a result, life is by me very boldly faced

    I so love China and her unknown-to-me culture
    Let both of us develop not a badly fighting nature
    China and India must remain forever close friends
    Let the differences of opinions, this friendship ends

    I can never consider China as India’s enemy
    As their greatness, their quotes reveal to me
    That Nation must get great thinkers who excel
    India and China must progress together well

    We must mutually come into a compact pact
    To share with a broad mind each and every tact
    A kind message to that great Country of Confucius
    Every proverb of that great Nation is highly precious.


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