11 Things All Asian Kids Grew Up With

35 thoughts on “11 Things All Asian Kids Grew Up With

  1. In My Childhood
    1.Never had
    3.Good Balm
    4.No Halloween in my country
    5.It depends sometimes went to the cafeteria
    6.No tea eggs instead tea
    7.Didnโ€™t do that
    8.My parents were happy with a B or C
    9.True to the max
    10.True but ๐Ÿ˜‰ u know kids acting (IPhone between book)

  2. this channel is heavily biased on chinese…apparently asian to this channel only means chinese

  3. Here is the grading scale:
    A+= Good
    A= Average
    B= Below average
    C= Can’t eat dinner
    D= Do NOT come home
    F= Find a new family

  4. im asian and I pretty much can’t relate to anything here. Like I don’t understand these and i’m asian in australia lol

  5. I don’t go to Saturday/sunday school. That’s why i can’t speak mandarin :3
    Here in Indonesia my parents use Indonesian language so i still need subtitle when watching a Chinese movie online T.T so sad :’)

  6. My mom brings me biscuits for lunch at school because she never cook in the morning :3 aaaannndddd it’s gone in a second cuz majority of my friends in elementary school rarely eats biscuits (Indonesian eats rice too haha) :v

  7. Well maybe I’m an Asian wich lived a not really asian live. My parents never pressure me with a+ and they never makes me do any extracurricular like piano or anything (cuz maybe they don’t want to pay) :v and medicine, luckily i never drink nasty stuff :v only usual medicine at drugstore and something bitter Indonesian called jamu, that’s a healthy drink but bitter so i don’t like it.

  8. We have that soup in India as well. Its called Kashayam. It tastes hideous and is a part of Ayurveda, the herbal Indian medicine

  9. I’m Asian and my grandma is the president of the Chinese association so she bought a huge mansion for my cousins and my family

  10. Every time my grandma has to travel because the president of Chinese association she will pray to all the god sculptures in the house and i will tell you this we have a lot of them.

  11. White and blk kids wld b better off if we spent less time watching tv and more time studying so the colleges wld Nt have to keep lowering their standards
    Same with businesses.
    And the colleges have to limit the amount of Asians they let in
    Because they achieve higher scores

  12. Guilty as charged with the hoarding.
    Plastic bags – check. (fold into triangles for easy storage)
    Used take-away containers – check.
    Cardboard boxes (flattened to take less room) – check.
    Extra serviettes/napkins – check.
    Lifetime supply of pens from conventions and hotels – check.
    Complimentary soap/shampoo/body wash – check
    Complimentary instant coffee/teabags – check

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